The CV Spring Fling

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I wonder how many people can remember how the spring engine show came about. Long before we had a club, show grounds or even an annual show, there were a local group of folks who were restoring and showing old iron. It was a small gang of men and their wives who attended and exhibited at the small local shows. In the early spring, we would pick a location to have a swap and sell. People would bring piles of treasures from their sheds, garages and barns. Old iron would be thrown out on the ground, tailgates and tables. It was great to wander around and think of all the things you could do with the parts and pieces.

The first location was in the lower field of Twin Bridges Campground. Sadly, there was very little participation so it was decided to move behind the Fayetteville Antique Mall and Flea Market. Better results were found there. As our club was being formed, the location moved back to the lower field of Twin Bridges Campground. When we acquired our current show grounds, the swap moved up the hill.

The auction was originally held during the summer show. Because of the extensive amount of activities during the summer show, it was decided to move the auction to the spring show. As time passes the spring showhas developed into what we see today. The photos are from the early swap and sells. See if you recognize any of the young gents prowling through the goodies.

Written by Stephen, the old Historian for The Bridge

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