CVAEMA 2020 Winter Banquet

Posted: February 20th, 2020 by

Another year’s flown by and it was time again for the CVAEMA’s Winter Banquet. We all gathered at Solomon’s Evangelical Lutheran Church on Saturday, January 25th. Although the sign-up sheet said doors open at 5:30, by that time the gym was already filled with chatting people. Seems like the engine/tractor crowd is always very early for their events. Alex Baker started the evening promptly at 6:00 p.m., thanking everyone for coming. A blessing was given by Joel Nupp and off to the food tables we went.

As always, the ladies and gentlemen from the church provided a delicious meal; chicken, meatballs, potatoes, green beans, creamed lettuce, pies and ice cream. A comment was heard from one member that the reason they come to the banquet is for the chicken! By 6:30 the last of the people were passing through the food lines.

After dinner, President Alex presented club highlights of the past year along with coming attractions which include a new construction project behind the “C. V. Engine House” engine building in the woods. He also put the word out for the upcoming elections in March and made an invitation for nominations to the various board positions including vice president and two board members at large. He recognized Joe and Cindy Pyles for the multitude of jobs they perform for the club. The Bill Swailes “gadget” mentioned in the last newsletter turned out to be a potato peeler, although someone suggested that it was Bill’s school project from 1917.

Entertainment provided by the Chambersburg High School Steel Band was quite a hit! They had the audience members throwing their hands up in the air to the music. The evening ended with giving away the centerpieces. Thanks to everyone for a great evening of fellowship and fun. See you next year! (the ladies are serving that chicken again, right??)

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