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The museum was established after years of acquiring interesting pieces. Some purchased by the association, many donated by individuals also interested in preserving agricultural and local history.

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Frick Steam Engine

The club’s steam engine was built in 1921 by the Frick Company in Waynesboro PA. It is a 50 horsepower double meaning it has 2 cylinders of 6 3/4″ bore X 9″ stroke each. These double cylinder engines were used mainly by sawmills as they provide much smoother power compared to single cylinder engines. We don’t know where the engine was used in its life until one of our members named Paul Hixon bought it from Gerald Knepper in Ada, Ohio in 1989. Paul brought the engine home and began the never-ending task of repairs and cleaning that goes along with owning one of these engines.

Paul took the engine to shows in the area for many years until he began to lose interest. In 2007 Paul offered the engine to the CVAEMA to become part of our collection. The club has continued the task of maintenance and repair on the engine including the removal of the boiler in 2010 for repairs and painting of the entire engine. The engine continues making the show circuit in the area attending 6 to 8 shows and parades a year. It is very popular with young and old as the old remember them being used and the young wish they seen them used.

Museum - Frick Steam Engine

This engine can be seen fired up in the woods or at the steam soup stand where the steam is used to make delicious goodies such as ham & bean soup, baked potatoes and corn on the cob.

Farm Related Equipment

Most ranging from civil war era to about the 1920’s-1930’s.

1700’s wood plow, grain drills, corn shellers, operational Geiser thrasher, other locally made equipment from Wolf Company, Frick Company and more.

Many interesting private collection items are also on display throughout the show grounds.

C.V. Gas Engine House in the woods houses several examples larger horsepower flywheel engines.

Steam traction engines fired in the woods.

Miniature Farm Display

Museum - Miniature Farm Display

Bill Swailes, museum committee chairperson, encourages all visitors to be sure to see the miniature farm display when they visit the museum. This display was hand built by Joe Balsam of Fayetteville, PA and is in operation during the shows.

CVAEMA’s First Gas Engine

The first gas engine acquired by the Association was a 20 HP IHC International Harvester Titan Gas Engine. In 1988, several members went together to purchase the engine, restore it and build a wagon for it. It was found in Juniata county, and we believe it originally powered a feed mill.

20 HP IHC International Harvester Titan Gas Engine