The Engine at the Entrance to the Show Grounds

Posted: May 15th, 2023 by

This year we are featuring Fairbanks Morse engines at our summer show. It seems like a good time to update visitors as to that green engine displayed at our Crider’s Church road entrance.

It is a 20HP Fairbanks Morse Model Y engine. It came from my grandfather’s mill in Flushing, OH. It powered his mill for several years, producing flour for pastries, bread, and pancakes, as well as grinding animal feed. In 1936 it was removed from service and replaced with a used Ohio engine of 50 HP, which still remains in the mill (nonfunctional now).

The disassembled Fairbanks Morse parts were never scrapped but were scattered around the outside of the mill. Our sons and I had dreams of restoring the engine, so brought the parts we could find here to Chambersburg. Many parts were missing and most of what we had were in poor condition due to years of exposure to the elements. Eventually, we decided to assemble and paint the engine as a static display at the CV showgrounds. With the help of Bricker’s Welding this was accomplished. A mounting pad was built, the engine sandblasted and painted and placed on display. Strangers passing by may mistake if for an old cannon, but all our members recognize it as a gas engine, welcoming folks to the showgrounds.

Doc Stratton

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